San Diego Bound

Off the coast at San Antonio, beginning our journey North

After two days waiting for approval to dock at San Antonio. The Captain announced, just before midnight, that we are abandoning out attempts to dock at San Antonio and will begin making our way to San Diego, where we have approval to dock.

Today, before we head north, the Chilean authorities have granted permission for us to dock at Valparaiso, to refuel, take on provisions and to permit Chilean citizens, only, to disembark. This stop is expected to take longer than 24 hours, since all the supplies have to be trucked the 90 kilometers from San Antonio.

After completing the reprovisioning, we will head, without stops, to San Diego. The Captain estimates that journey will take 10 days. So, we are getting our Buenos Aires to San Diego cruise after all. We are just missing out on Santiago and La Serena, Chile, Lima, Peru, Manta, Ecuador, Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica and Huatulco, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Anyone who has cruised, can attest to the fact that 10 days at sea is a long time. But, we are safe, healthy and have a plan that will get us within a two hour drive from home.

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