Still Going in Circles Off the Coast of Chile

It is just before 2 PM, Chilean Time and we are exactly where we were at this tine yesterday. The only, slight change is the Captain is referring to the possibility of giving up on Chile and heading north.

We are well, food is still plentiful. The ship is still providing multiple dining options each meal service and the bars are serving complimentary. I don’t know if that, actually, is a good thing. We are hoping for some news soon. The Captain also said wherever we end up, the ship will be arranging flights, either scheduled or charter, to our destinations.

Morale is mostly good. Although there the usual malcontents making a stink. But mostly the other passengers quickly quiet them.

As I was writing this, on the ship’s public address system,the ship’s version of Julie McCoy asked that we complete online Urgent Guest Information, which requested our final destination and associated airport. So, maybe there is some movement. We will see.

One thought on “Still Going in Circles Off the Coast of Chile

  1. Well, I’m glad all is well with you both! Stateside, it’s mass hoarding and fear….the media has everyone all atwitter and not letting up – Stay safe and enjoy your sea days….love, Page


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