2:00 Chilean Time Update

We are still onboard Celebrity Eclipse, but there has been some movement toward a resolution. Each guest has been asked to provide flight information, creating the hope that at sometime, we may be transferred directly to the airport. We just hope it is in time for our 1:00 AM flight tonight (just after midnight). Currently, we are still out in the bay.

3 thoughts on “2:00 Chilean Time Update

  1. Hi Guys,

    Sorry about your situation, but it seemed inevitable hearing about whats going on in the world. Just get home safely and isolate. We have a group of friends in Santa Fe who have been marooned on a cruise ship with no ports allowing entry. They were refused in 3 countries then tried the phillipines, rejected, then on their way last heard to Australia. That took them to spending an extra 6 days at sea.

    All our best,

    Keep us posted.

    We are isolating ourselves at home, cancelled our Palm Springs trip, after our governor declared not to travel outside N.M. We are occupying our time by finally sorting out our trip of 4yrs ago on our viking river cruise in creating photo albums, what fun we all had, hope this isn’t of thing of the past!!


    Ed & Joe

    P.S. Loved your formal attire photos!!



  2. so sorry the trip has been cancelled. all of our April and May travel has been cancelled too. ssfe travels home and let us know where you are.
    thanks for the luggage pic!


  3. Ed and Joe may have liked your formal attire, but I still like the dress. Best to you both. We are thinking about you and you difficult remaining travel home. Hope it happens on schedule and you can get home safely by tomorrow. Sorry you couldn’t complete the entire cruise back to San Diego. Loved the post about the “travel agent”;s prompt and decisive action. Love to you both from us both,
    Terry and Sherry


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