Finally Underway!

Three days ago, I posted that we were off the coast of Chile in Valparaiso, waiting for refueling and provisions. Well, it has taken until now to get it all together, so that we can head north. At just about 12:30 AM on March 20th, we are underway.

We have had the refueling ship alongside twice. It spent most of Tuesday here and one would have thought that was enough. But again, Thursday morning, it came alongside pumped more Marine Diesel into our tanks. The Captain said he was just taking the opportunity to top off, since the provisioning was taking so long. Whatever it takes. We have almost 5,000 nautical miles to San Diego and I assume that will take a lot of fuel.

In addition to the normal provisions, the staff asked everyone to check their supply of prescription drugs and to advise what they would need to last 12 days (I hope that is a cushion). So, those were also delivered and are being distributed. Well, apparently a hold up on the amount of insulin caused a several hour delay last evening.

Yesterday morning, we were awakened (since we were sleeping with our balcony door open) by a cacophony outside. I got up to check it out and there were, maybe, five hundred seagulls just floating off the ship. I went in to to get my tablet to take picture and evidently, either I or something else spooked them and all I got was this blurry shot as the gulls circled the ship for several minutes.

Hard to imagine these are gulls in flight.

Just before lunch, I captured Bill, with the hills of Valparaíso in the background.

It would have been nice to visit this place!

Shortly after 2 PM, the Azamara Pursuit, another cruise ship that left Buenos Aires the same day as we did and in the same predicament with the Chilean authorities as we are, sounded her ship’s horn for three long blasts, indicating her departure for open seas and the 10 day passage to San Diego. By the way, the 3 long blasts are not an official seafaring signal, but has become a common goodbye and thanks in the cruise industry. The passengers on board the Celebrity Eclipse cheered as Azamara departed and our ship returned the 3 long blasts indicating goodbye (and good luck) and hoping that would be us later Thursday afternoon.

But, just after 3 PM, the Azamara Pursuit was heading back and eventually dropped anchor. This immediately raised the anxiety level on our ship. But, after about 30 minutes at anchor, she raised anchor and set sail. We were greatly relieved to see her sail away.

We are still enjoying our time. There is plenty to do, more food than we will ever need and the staff has been exceptional! Here is a link to an article that appeared in the Irish press.

This evening, we had dinner with several of our new friends. It is hard for a table 10 to have a single conversation, so there were 2 or 3 going at the same time.

9 gentlemen and a lady!

Well, since we are underway, I don’t know how much I will post in the days to come. Maybe quick notes about our progress and some pictures of ship’s activities. We will cross the equator, so there may be photo ops then. Until then, or San Diego!

One thought on “Finally Underway!

  1. Guys,

    Glad to hear no one is ill aboard, and that you are on your way home!

    Happy voyage!


    Thanks for the update call.

    Ed & Joe



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