Fiordlands National Park and Dunedin

After sailing two days, we arrived at Fiordsland National Park. We did not go ashore, but sailed into and out of Milford Sound.

Arriving Milford Sound.

Water fall deep into Sound

Back at sea, approaching Thompson Sound.

Thompson Sound approaching Doubtful Sound. it is called Doubtful Sound, because Capt. Cook, thinking there was nothing there, wrote Doubtful on the chart. later exploration revealed a long narrow sound that connected to Thompson.

After spending most of the day in the park, we set sail Port Chalmers, arriving early the next morning.

We could see Port Chalmers in the distance.

Entering the port, notice the road right at water level going around the point. There are no highways in this part ofNew Zealand,

we were going to dock just past this log loading pier.

After we arrived, we had a rail tour planned.

The platform at Dunedin Station. the ride was to be about 1 1/2 hours each way with a stop in the village of Pukerangi.

We would travel through 12 tunnels and over countless bridges.

The train going up was great, making several stops along the way for photos.

A small creek empties into Taieri River

Nice view of River. We had lunch on the train and headed back down the gorge toward Dunedin. About halfway down, the train came to a stop and the tour guide told us there was a light indicating the train was low on water. Since we were at the only water tower on the right, the engineers were checking it out.

A few minutes later, the guide came back, but before he spoke, I could see the separated engines handing down the track. It seems, the one engine, could not continue and the train was too long to pull the cars alone.

So, we waited for almost an hour, for the replacement engines to arrive. The passengers divided into two groups: those who were agitated and wanted something done now, and the others who were calm, understanding and knew the ship would not leave without us. I am happy to say that Bill and I were in the later groiup. Great conversation and a little wine made the time pass by.

In the end, we arrived back at Dunedin Station, pictured here.

And had a quick walk around town, before heading back to the ship for an on time sail away.

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