Continuing Our Way North

We continue our way north. We are using a variety of activities to make the days go by. I have a spin class every other day, Bill is watching movies, both on VOD and in the ship’s theater.

In my last post, we had just sailed across the Equator and there was to be a celebration poolside. The celebration wasn’t as elaborate, as we witnessed on the Golden Princess last fall. And since we had already crossed, we did not participate. Here are a couple of pictures.

We spend a lot of time lounging in the Solarium. First, it is comfortable and also, it is along the main path to the Fitness Center, so people drop by and chat, something that we be hard to do when we are home.

We love our little corner of the Solarium.

And of course, we do have some sort of sunrise everyday. Today’s was actually visible as the sun rose above the horizon. In addition to the sun rises, we have been treated everyday to pods of dolphins jumping and playing and blue footed boobies (birds) catching our air currents and diving, as they feed. With our cell phone cameras, the pictures are not particularly good, one of the disadvantages of not carrying a quality camera on these trips.

Just at 6:30 AM, Mountain Time

Today, the ship staff began distributing flight details for those flying out of San Diego. Bill and I are driving, so we just have to walk off and Bill will wait with the luggage, while I walk to the nearby Avis office to get our car. One thing of interest, people who do not have proper travel documents to enter the United States, have to remain on board, and the ship will sail to Puerto Vallarta, where onward flights have been arranged for them from there.

Here is a photo of the in room Navigation map. It is far less detailed than the one we had on Princess. But you can see we are just south of Southern Mexico and west of Guatemala.

Well, that is about all for now. I expect my next blog to be from home, sometime Monday afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Continuing Our Way North

  1. enjoy your last few days at sea. Things are crazy in the US so safe travels home. Have you heard anything about being quarantined at your house for 14 days after you get home? That is the recommendation here. Be well and thanks for the updates! Patty


  2. It will be so wonderful to have you both home. Have been thinking of you guys. Love, Anne

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