We’re At It Again

This morning we departed home on a 6 week travel trailer trip that will take us to some familiar territory, but to some unfamiliar locations. We are meeting our Wisconsin friends, Brian and Gary, at Aunt’s Creek Campground on Table Rock Lake for six nights. On the way, we will make 3 quick overnight stops in Flagstaff, where we are now, Santa Rosa, NM and Oklahoma City. Then we will spend 3 nights in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I have always wanted to visit Eureka Springs. When I was a teenager, Eureka Springs was an arts community in NW, Arkansas. I guess it is not surprising that today it has a very well developed gay social culture.

After leaving Eureka Springs and Aunt’s Creek, we are going to head south to Louisiana for 3 stops and then several stops in Texas, including Big Bend National Park, which has been on my bucket list for years. After Big Bend, we head west for a quick 2 night stop in Hatch, NM, famous for their chiles and 3 nights near Tucson at Catalina State Park, before heading home.

I won’t post after the every stop, but will try to give interesting takes on some of the more memorable activities. Stay tuned.

Bill and Mouse waiting for me to take the picture, so we could get on the road.

2 thoughts on “We’re At It Again

  1. Happy traveling you two. We envy your footloose existence. You need Ohio on one of your loops soon. Love to you, Terry and Sherry.


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