Milwaukee and onward!

We arrived in the Milwaukee area on August 31 for a 7 night stay. On our last visit, we stayed at the Wisconsin State Fair RV Park, a large park in central Milwaukee and the only RV park in Milwaukee County. We knew that this park would not be suitable for us in the COVID19 universe. So, I began looking for alternatives. Luckily, I found Waubedonia County Park, a small 10 campsite park about 25 minutes north of Bill’s brother and sister’s houses. Situated right on the Milwaukee River in the village of Fredonia, it perfectly suited our needs.

As you can see from the pictures, we were not crowded, our place had large sites with abundant separation from other sites, and we were right on the river. Our first night, we were invited for burgers by Bill’s sister, Kathy and her husband John. We were joined by Bill’s brother, Kip and his wife Jill. With Keith and Joanette, that made 4 couples, outside on the patio exercising appropriate social distancing. We had a great evening catching up. Keith and Joanette had met the others previously at our wedding in 2008. One of our concerns had been to keep everyone comfortable that we were using appropriate social distancing. Kathy and John had set this up perfectly.

Our camp location in Ozaukee County, was very near our first house. When Bill and I met in 1989, he was just beginning building a new home, right on Lake Michigan, about 40 miles north of Milwaukee.

This was our house from 1989 to 1998. The original house did not the front part, there has been a large addition.

The house, located right on Lake Michigan, with 100 feet of sandy beach front, is Timberpeg Post and Beam construction with the east facing wall of windows offering great views of Lake Michigan from all three floors. Bill and his Mother, Mary Lee, designed the house and then worked with Timberpeg to draw the plans and construct the frame. Bill then used a local contractor to complete construction. Bill moved in in October ’89 and I joined him just before the new year.

To see the house, I rode to Cedar Grove on the Ozaukee Interurban Trail and then the four of us rode the Sheboygan Interurban Trail to the nearby village of Oostburg. Then Keith, Joanette and Bill rode back to the car in Cedar Grove, while I rode to Amsterdam Park, which is on the lake at the beginning of Marine Drive, our road when we lived there. The three of them had already driven to the end of the road to see the house, while they waited for me, so when we met back at Amsterdam Park, only Bill and I drove down to see our former home. We loved that house and only winters in Wisconsin prompted us to sell.

Here are pictures from our my ride.

The area around Cedar Grove and Oostburg was settled, primarily, by Dutch immigrants in the early to mid 19th Century.. In this Historical Marker, you can read a little bit about that settlement.

Many Dutch traditions and street names still exist. In July of each year, Cedar Grove celebrates Holland Fest, honoring the area’s Dutch roots.

Here is the strava link for this ride:

Wednesday evening, we all went to see Charlie and Erin and their two children, CJ and Eliza. We were again outside, on the patio. We were invited for after dinner desserts, so we brought an assortment of individual pies for everyone to choose from. We enjoyed dessert and drinks, while the kids played in the yard. We had a great time and are just grateful we could plan a socially distanced time together.

On Thursday, we toured SE Wisconsin, stopping in Cedarburg, Grafton and Milwaukee. Keith and Joanette have enjoyed Wisconsin dairy farms and rural vistas, so going a little urban was a nice change. We even spent time on Milwaukee’s world famous Bradford Beach. We even made a stop ar Kopp’s Custard and enjoyed their, really messy, but delicious burgers, and finished with a small cup of frozen custard.

After the beach, we still had time before we were to meet Julie, Bill niece and her family, so stopped at the Biergarten in Estabrook Park and enjoyed real Oktoberfest Bier from Munich. The park is located along the Milwaukee River and there is a nice overlook above the falls.

After leaving the park, we headed to the River Tennis Club in River Hills. Julie and Jeremy are members there and thought meeting outside, poolside, would be a good way to keep the kids occupied, while the adults had time to catch up. It was perfect, that late in the day, there was no one there, other than us. Jeremy picked up Pizza and we had a great time chatting while the kids, Lucy and James tried to share a movie. Bill and I feel especially fortunate to have had time with all of our Milwaukee family.

On Friday, Keith and Joanette drove to Somer in Kenosha County, looking for graves of some of her ancestors, while I rode one of my planned rides for the trip. The large network of Class I bike paths in Milwaukee gave me the opportunity to do an,almost traffic free, 100 mile ride. Occasionally riding a Century, as it is known, is important for me to affirm I can still do it.

To see more detail on the ride, check out my Strava link:

On Saturday and Sunday, we continued our touring, showing Keith our Joanette our former stomping grounds. We visited Kohler and the Kohler Design Center, Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan, the Sheboygan Marina and Stony Hill School, the Birthplace of Flag Day. This was a perfect way to end our in Southeast Wisconsin stay.

On then on Monday morning,we headed to Grant River Recreation Area,on the Mississippi River near Potosi, in far southwestern Wisconsin. And that is where I will leave it for the next post.

Remember, to read Keith and Joanette’s take on the same events visit:

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  1. Loving your posts….especially since I’m not traveling these days! And the fun facts about Flag Day! It just happens to be my birthday! What fun.


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