Yes, we are on the Road

After spending the last few months, since returning from our cruise, at home, working on projects, streaming NCIS and Criminal Minds, we have departed on a 10 week travel trailer trip. Along the way, we will choose smaller campgrounds, outside of major cities, will exercise proper social distancing, wear masks, even when the locals aren’t.

Given the situation in Riverside County, we will be travelling through far less COVID19 concentrations.

Here is the major project we finished just before leaving home.

Bill and I had planned to do something with the space out our bedroom door since the very beginning. It only took 12 years!

Our first stop was in Victorville, where we spent time with Stacie and Rob Cowie. Stacie was a coworker at the Courtyard and they moved to a lake community near Victorville. We first, spent time at the lake and then had a nice BBQ of Filet Mignon, Mac ‘n Cheese and Asparagus.

Being towed on the inflatable sofa..

Then we headed to Keough Hot Springs near Bishop, California. We have stayed there before and enjoy both the developed pool and the rustic pools downstream, where bathing suits are not required! Apparently, I didn’t take any photos at Keough.

After our two quick days soaking in the warm waters, using extreme caution in the public pool and enjoying the solitude if the rustic pools, we headed north to Lake Tahoe to visit Bill’s cousin, Mary Balding. We had not seen here for several years and it was nice catching up. We had dinner, both nights, outside at our campsite.

Mary, Bill and John

We also did a bike ride around South Lake Tahoe. Here is a link to the Strava post of that ride

We are now at Merrill Campground on Eagle Lake, near Susanville. We are planning a bike ride tomorrow on the Biz Johnson trail and hope to spend some time on or in the lake.

So that is the plan for the next 10 weeks, camping, lots of outdoor activities and seeing friends and family with appropriate social distancing. And, no indoor restaurants and no bars.

3 thoughts on “Yes, we are on the Road

  1. On the road again! Proud of you. Sounds like a great adventure. Hoping you make it as far as Ohio. FYI, you have been an inspiration — Sherry and Terry will rent an RV on August 18 and spend eight days traveling to NY State to visit friends. Ten weeks would be a stretch for us!


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