Staying Safe at Home

Bill and I were scheduled to travel today. via Eurostar, from London to Amsterdam for the beginning of our two month Europe trip, which would have included a short stay in London, a week on a houseboat anchored on one of Amsterdam’s canals, a bike trip from Amsterdam to Bruges, 5 beautiful days in France’s Bordeaux wine region and a month along the Costa del Sol in Spain. But the high point was to have been the wedding of our nephew Kyle and his fiancée, Ida in Garucha, Spain. The wedding has been postponed until next year, so hopefully this trip will be rescheduled in some form next year.

So, here we are, home, playing it safe, taking short bike rides, shopping when we must, doing a few projects around the house, binge watching a variety of shows and longing for the time when we will be able to travel again.

Yesterday I did a little longer bike ride. I took my bike to Azusa in the San Grabriel Mountains foothills and rode the San Gabriel River Trail to Long Beach, then made my way on the Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path to pick up the Los Angeles River and Rio Hondo trails to ride back up. The Rio Hondo Trail ends about 7 miles from my starting point, so I used neighborhood streets and the cute Royal Oaks Trail in Duarte to get back to my car. All totaled, 81.49 miles and a great feeling of satisfaction. Here is the Strava Map.

Even though we are staying home, for the time being, know that I am not idle. I spend time everyday researching possible destinations for future trips.

I see bike trips along the KATY Trail in Missouri, in Surrey and Cornwall in England, as well as The 4-country Rhine River Trail (Switzerland, France, Germany and The Netherlands) and the Fulda and Weser River Trails in Germany. The choices are endless, once the world reopens.

So, until I can post, “we are on the road again,” Stay Safe! And, Love to you all!

Staying at home does mean pool time!

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