Social Isolating in the Arizona Desert

After completing our 14 day self quarantine. Bill and I decided to get out of the Coachella Valley, where COVID-19 infections were expected to peak the later part of April, and head to the sparsely populated desert.

Our first stop was in Borrego Springs, far northeast San Diego County. Rainbow RV had planned a weekend event there, and had cancelled the event, but gave members the option to come to the park with appropriate social distancing. Since, we were planning to head to the desert anyway, we decided to make that our first stop. We spent four nights enjoying the desert views and riding our bikes. We did have a appropriate social distance cocktail hour with four other couples. But mostly, we kept to ourselves eating the HelloFresh meals we had delivered to the park.

After the four days at Borrego, we headed to Arizona and the small town of Salome. My Brother Keith and his wife Joanette had already been at the Centennial County Park for a couple of weeks and we planned to stay there until the end of the month. There are only a few other campers and everyone is keeping to themselves. There is a small hiking trail, great views of the desert and mountains. And the low traffic roads offer endless opportunities for solo bike riding. We are in La Paz County, which has had only 5 cases of the virus reported and the locals are complying with social distancing and the wearing of masks rules. We feel safe here and are enjoying some time with family.

We have enjoyed some spectacular sunsets.

On the 15th, we had a nice dinner of Tri-tip roast, garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. Joanette provided a desert of fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream caramel and chocolate. That and a bottle of Belle Glos Clark and Telephone Pinot Noir helped complete Bill’s birthday celebration.

Yesterday, I rode my 1990 vintage Mongoose D40 mountain bike around the trails of our little park. I managed to log 8.14 miles. Not bad for a trail that is only a one mile loop.

We are enjoying our quiet time with Keith and Joanette. But, we know this will soon come to and end. Soon, Keith and Joanette will need to head north toward Montana, where they will spend the summer and Bill and I will head back home, where we will be until we can figure out where we can safely go to get out of our summer heat.

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