Cruising South Toward Cape Horn and The End of the World

We continue our southward journey. This afternoon we will arrive at Cape Horn, and hopefully have some photo moments as we sail by. But the weather is going to have to improve, if we are to get good pictures.

The view from our stateroom this morning.

Yesterday we received sad news. None of our friends, who were to join us in San Antonio will be able to do so. It has made us both sad that our friends won’t be here and angry at the virus. Intellectually we understand, given the current news of quarantined cruise ships and the rapidly expanding virus at home, but emotionally, it is a difficult to accept. We booked this cruise in anticipation of spending quality time with some of our closest, and most important friends. But it was not to be.

We will continue as we have planned and will steam on to San Diego. There are 400 other passengers who are staying on board for the next segment, several of them are friends we have met on board. And the cruise line is now screening everyone for a fever, before allowing them to board.

In the meantime, this is what we are missing from home.

One thought on “Cruising South Toward Cape Horn and The End of the World

  1. Sorry about your friends but you I understand. You will enjoy the cruise.
    Be safe. M and M send our love.


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