Success! Pittsburgh to Washington Ride Completed

Our last riding day, from Leesburg to Georgetown was along the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Trail, a 45 mile paved trail through northern Virginia and then connecting to the Curtis Trail into Georgetown. Luckily, the rains from the day before had moved on and the early part of the ride was cool and partly cloudy. By the time we reached DC, it had warmed up and the sun and humidity were making for a little uncomfortable ride.

The ride was 38.8 miles through Virginia rolling hills and after the flat C&O riding, we felt the 1,400 feet ascent.

Along the trail, we passed through Herndon, VA. We took a moment to photograph one of the old W&OD rail cars and the Herndon passenger station.

A few miles after Herndon, we made our way to the Curtis Trail and rode parallel to its eponymous freeway all the way to the Potomac. We made quick work of the five miles to the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which would take us into Georgetown. Of Personal interest to me, just before crossing the bridge, we passed the oldest surviving Marriott hotel, The Key Bridge Marriott. The first Marriott hotel, was the Twin Bridges Marriott, just down river from Key Bridge. That hotel was demolished in 1990.

Once in Georgetown, we rode along the Capital Crescent Trail to the symbolic end of our ride, C&O Mile Marker 0. Much as we had 332 miles earlier in Pittsburgh, when we took a photo at the GAP Trailhead, and again in Cumberland, at the GAP mile 0, we wanted to document reaching our goal.

The C&O Towpath actually ends at its intersection with the Rock Creek Trail, a quarter mile away.

The last few hundred feet have brick pavers, quite unlike the remainder of the trail’s 184 miles

Back at Mile 0, we photographed the last integral part of the canal, with Bill standing on the edge of the Tide Lock.

Here is a little info on the lock and adjacent water gate. The famous Watergate Complex, which is on the Potomac, just across Rock Creek gets its name from this water gate.

After leaving Mile 0, we rode to the Westin Georgetown, dropped off our panniers and headed to Big Wheel Bikes to return our rental bikes. We were done! After a night at the Westin, we will fly home with sense of accomplishment.

Well Done!

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