Great Allegheny Passage – Day 2 – West Newton to Ohiopyle

Today’s post is going to be a short one. We biked from West Newton to Ohiopyle. Most of the ride looked like this:

The dot in the background is Bill

It was a beautiful ride through the forest, which we enjoyed immensely. As you can see, fall has arrived, but we aren’t seeing much color, just leaves on the ground. But, how many trail and canopy pictures can I post. There were a couple of stops that I can mention. Remember, this is a former rail line that served mines along its tracks. So, it is not surprising that we would see evidence of the mines.

This is the entry to Banning mine No. 2. The owner is a mosaic artist and has added her own touches to the mine. As we rode, we passed several similar mine entries, none with the artist’s enhancement. Most with a sign, “ dangerous, keep out.”

We had lunch in the town of Connellsville. After leaving the restaurant, we rode by by a restored train station.

This station was for the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad. During the height of passenger rail service, there were actually 6 stations in Connellsville. This is the only one still standing.

After leaving Connellsville , we continued along the trail, which follows the Youghiogheny (pronounced Yach a gainey) River all the way to our destination, Ohiopyle. Most of the way the tree cover obscured our view of the river. But, I did get a couple shots in.

But, as we approached Ohiopyle, we crossed the river twice and we took a couple of pictures from the bridges.

Bill and I were somewhat amused by the grandiose sounding name.

The Gorge is, indeed, picturesque. But as gorges go, it isn’t quite so great, but Great Gorge is its name.

It was misting as we arrived, but we had resisted putting on our rain gear, so we were a little wet and a little muddy. Our Airbnb for the night was a couple blocks off the trail, easy to find and, a big benefit, it has a washer and dryer!

We did a little laundry, had dinner at the local bar and grill and made it an early evening. Today, next stop Meyersdale, a slightly larger town than Ohiopyle. I know there was not a lot to this post. But rest assured, we had a great ride and are having fun. The little bit of rain, yesterday, did nothing to dampen our spirits.

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