Just a quick post before we get on the bikes and begin our ride back to Georgetown,Washington, DC.

On Friday, we used Uber to drive to an Airbnb like baggage storage to leave one bag that we didn’t want (or have space for) on the bike ride. We checked out of our Airbnb studio and headed to Union Station to drop off the bags we are taking with us. At that point we still had 3 1/2 hours before our train departed. So, we killed time by a scenic bike ride.

We stopped by the National History and Narural History Museums, had lunch at a kiosk on the Mall and headed back to

Union Station and boarded our 4:05 train to Pittsburgh. So, a 4:05 PM departure from DC meant a 11:30 PM arrival into Pittsburgh. We then had to bike (at midnight) to our Airbnb apartment.

Luckily for us, there was very little traffic and the ride was only 2 miles. We did have to dodge some drunk partiers in the Strip District, Pittsburgh’s downtown entertainment area. We really only had the one day in Pittsburgh, so we took it easy. We dined in nearby restaurants, did a little shopping and had a quiet evening . Because today is a big day: Day 1 of our Pittsburgh to Washington, DC, 330 mile, 10 day bike ride. 1st stop, West Newton, PA. See you there!

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