Headed Home

Well, we have come to the end of another trip. After leaving Eureka, we drove down US 101 and made a quick jog along the Russian River to Guerneville, where we had dinner with our friend Ray McCabe. Ray and his former partner, split their time between Palm Springs and Guerneville.

Dinner, to celebrate Ray’s birthday, was at a cute little European restaurant in Santa Rosa, La Gare. We were joined by two of his friends, Jason and Erik. Erik is German, so I had a little opportunity to use my, somewhat dusty, German.

An interesting story about Ray and me, is that we both worked at the Bank of California in the early 1980s. We weren’t close, but did know each other way back then.

On Thursday. Bill and I took the opportunity to go on a bike ride using a rail to trail conversion from Forestville to Santa Rosa using the West County and Joe Rodota Trails. Both trails use the rail bed of the former Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railway which connected Petaluma and Santa Rosa with Sebastopol and Forestville. On the return, we traveled along the Santa Rosa Creek Trail. My favorite type of rides use rail conversions and waterway bike trails.

After the ride, we went into Guerneville for a quick wine tasting and then to dinner at Ray’s with Jason and Erik.

Yesterday, we drove down 101 and I-580 to Gilroy. Bill has a friend from his Milwaukee theatre days, who married a wine maker from Gilroy. Valerie and her husband, David, welcomed us into their home and shared wines from their vineyard, Solis Winery, pronounced solees.

David, with his sous chef, Valerie, prepared a wonderful meal of tri-tip roast, roasted vegetables from their garden and a salad of avocado and tomatoes, also from the garden. The meal, the wine and the company made for a magical evening. It was really nice reconnecting with both of them.

They sent us on our way with a nice bottle Of Solis Winery 2013 Cara Mia Reserve.

This morning we head toward home. We may break the ride up by staying over in Acton and that would leave a short 2 1/2 hour drive tomorrow. Once home, we have a week, before we fly east to Washington, DC and our long planned bike ride from Pittsburgh to DC along the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Towpath trails.

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