Denver, A couple of Bike Rides and catching up with a good friend

We arrived in Denver on Monday afternoon, staying at South Park Mobile Home and RV Park, a large mobile home 55+ community with a few transient RV spaces. The huge advantage of the park is that it right on the Bear Creek, which links it to Denver’s extensive bike network.

Denver’s skyline, with the South Platte River and bike trail in the foreground

After getting settled (and set-up), we met our friend Robert Guschewski for dinner. We first met Robert over 20 years ago, when we lived in Santa Fe. Robert moved to Denver during our time in Santa Fe, but we have stopped by Denver several times to see him, as well as having traveled with him. He was with us on the 2010 RSVP 25th Anniversary Eastern Caribbean out of Ft. Lauderdale. He also joined us for our wedding in 2008.

We met Robert at Denver’s True Food Kitchen location in Cherry Creek. We had a great time catching up, since it has been several years since we have seen him. By the way, True Food Kitchen is a health conscious chain, with regularly changing menu items. The food was fantastic.

On Tuesday morning, Bill and I took a nice bike ride along the Bear Creek trail to Morrison and back. We planned to have lunch in Morrison and there a several restaurants to choose from. But I chose Red Rocks Grill as as a special treat for Bill.

It was around 11.5 miles each direction, so a relatively short ride.

Denver’s trail system is extensive and well marked.

Along the way, we were near Bear Creek, a good sized tributary of the S. platte River.

But we also, rode through several large adjacent parks.

Bear Creek Lake Park, part of the dam in the background

We finally arrived in the small town of Morrison

It has a mining history from late 19th century, but today is a tourist destination

I mentioned a surprise for Bill. Back in the early years of our relationship, we frequented a bar and restaurant in Milwaukee call M&Ms. A particular favorite menu item of Bill’s was the Monte Cristo, double decker ham, turkey and Swiss sandwich dipped on beer batter and deep fried. Clearly not on the healthy eating scale. M&M closed while we still lived in Wisconsin and Bill has been in search of the perfect Monte Cristo ever since, with many disappointments.

Red Rocks Grill was the first I looked at online and this was the first sandwich item listed.

I knew we didn’t need to look at any others.

Doesn’t that look delicious!. Bill is not smiling because he thought I was only taking a picture of the plate.

After our ride, we went to the Denver Swim Club for some warm pool side lounging, a dip in the hot tub and some time in the steam room. Afterwards, I was ready for bed.

This morning, I took a long ride, 55 miles. Along the South Platte River and Clear Creek Trails to Golden, Colorado, home to the original Coors Brewing.

There were lots of small falls on the river

After about 17 miles, I headed up Clear Creek toward Golden.

I actually have been to Golden before, in the mid 1960s with my Dad, his wife Sylvia and My Brother, Keith. We were visiting one of Sylvia’s brothers. It seem much bigger back then.

One of the manyCoors buildings, with the mountains in the background.

The trip to Golden was 35 miles along the two trails. For the return, I used bike lanes and bike ways to get back to Bear Creek Trail and made my way back to the RV park. That was only about 20 miles. making the days total ride 54.99 miles.

After getting back, I took a quick plunge in the pool. For dinner, we chose One Oak American Bistro and Wine Bar, a place I noticed when I went to the BofA ATM, not too far from us. The food and service were excellent. We tried a wine blend from Paso Robles ( where we will be on August 9-12), called Troublemaker. I don’t know about the name, but the wine was fantastic. I am so glad I noticed the restaurant on my way to the bank.

Bill at One Barrel American Bistro

We leave for Santa Fe tomorrow, where we will see our good friends Ed and Joe, and hopefully, Chuck and Donald. Until then!

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