Nelson Dewey State Park, Cassville and the Mississippi River

Our final stop In Wisconsin was at Nelson Dewey State Park, near the Village of Cassville, right on the Mississippi. The park is named after the first Governor of the State of Wisconsin and the park is on his 2,000 acre estate.

Here is a picture of the Historic Marker in Cassville.

The camping sites are high up on the bluff, but don’t have views due to the dense vegetation. Tuesday, we took it easy, after the almost non- stop activities on the Wolf River.

Planning a bike ride at Nelson Dewey was challenging. There are only two highways into the area and neither are appealing for riding bikes. So we decided to do a short 15 mile ride along the river.

Village Park In Cassville right on the river

You can see the ferry in the background. That was to have been our route out of town, but they suspended operations the 5th due to high water levels, so we stayed on the Wisconsin side until Dubuque today.

Bill wasn’t sure that our truck and trailer would have even fit. (It would have.)

On our ride, we did see areas that showed the high water levels. One camp site had moved all their camp trailers up to the road and just parked them there.

Here you can see the river ride right up next to the rail bed. The actual river is about 150 beyond the rail at this point.

After our ride, we did go back to the overlook for the daytime view.

Southeast view. That is Iowa on the other bank.
Northwest view.

After getting back to camp, Bill, Mouse and I had a nice quiet afternoon.

He doesn’t do this often, so I just sat back and enjoyed it.

Mouse on his perch in the tent room.

You can see that Mouse is quite comfortable. Today, on the drive he slept the entire time in his bed between us We are so lucky he travels so well.

We are now at Prairie Flower Recreation Area, about 15 miles north of Des Moines, right on the DM River. We will be here 3 nights and plan on a couple of rides.

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