Bag Boil Breakfast, 44 mile Bike Ride and more River/Lake Fun

My friend Brian is always looking out for my best interest when comes to my “no brown egg issues”. So he assured me, the Bag Boil Breakfast at the Marina was a perfect event for me.

I wasn’t so sure. The thought of soggy eggs in a wet paper sack did not seem appealing, but I was willing to check it out. Well, apparently, I didn’t understand the process.

You start by adding your non-egg ingredients to a zip lock sandwich bag. I chose ham, onions, tomatoes and peppers. I had planned on cheese also, but forgot.

I then added the egg mixture. And wrote my name on the bag and dropped it in the boiling water. The organizers used a turkey fryer. The guy watching is actually the egg timer. He knew exactly when to pull the bag. Some tongs would probably been beneficial, but he used his fingers. I guess they are used to the heat.

While the eggs boiled, I prepared the rest of my plate and this was the result.

The potatoes are Brian’s sister-in-law, Jerri’s recipe. They were great and the eggs were perfectly cooked and looked like a folded omelet. But, as you can see, I was prepared, just in case. I had a nice Bloody Mary to either accompany breakfast or replace it, if it wasn’t edible. It was fun. The other boaters were a very welcoming and everyone had a great time, even though it was a little drizzly. Is that a word? Well, it fits.

The afternoon turned sunny and warm, so we took the boat out again.

As you can see, we were not alone.

Lunch was on the back of the boat. Well, the food was on the boat, we were in the water.

Gary, Brian, Bill and their friend Tom, plus an unknown photo bomber

You can see Brian and Bill clowning around in the background
Bill resting on the boat and getting a little sun.

It was another great day on Lake Poygan. Some have asked about Lake Poygan.

Lake Poygan is a significant widening of the Wolf River as it makes its way to Lake Winnebago near Oshkosh. It is very shallow, a maximum of 11 feet. Boaters can navigate from Partridge Lake, north of Fremont down the river, through Lake Poygan to Lake Butte des Morts and unto Lake Winnebago. The marina and Hahn-A-Lula Resort are near the town of Orihula, on the map.

On Sunday, I got up early and headed out on a planned 40 mile ride. I planned to meet Bill, Brian and Gary for breakfast around 10.

Most of the ride was on low traffic county roads. Part was on the Wiouwash State Trail, a former railroad bed of the Central Wisconsin Railroad. You might think the name of native American origin. But it is actually named after the four counties it passes through: Winnebago, Outagamie, Waupaca and Shawno. My only comment is, that the Winnebago section is far better maintained than the Outagamie.

The Wolf River, Looking South from Hwy 110 bridge in Fremont

On Hwy II, I passed this marker. Inquisitive John will never pass up an opportunity to educate himself.

I did not pass any horses, but saw plenty of evidence they use the trail.

The trail was either this:

Or this:

Here you can see the classic evidence of a former rail trail: mounded road bed, straight and gentle incline. This is in Winnebago County, thus my earlier comment.

Back on the Wolf River, at the Pine Grove Resort, north of Fremont, where I met Bill, Brian and Gary for breakfast.

I did have an egg moment. I thought I’d play it safe and ordered poached. A few minutes passed and the waitress told me, “we can’t make poached eggs, we don’t have the equipment.” I was good! I didn’t say, “you mean you don’t have a small sauce pan and water!” I just looked at Brian, who knew what I really wanted to say, and ordered soft cooked with no brown. A bit later, I turned to Brian and asked, “what kind of egg did I order?” He said that I didn’t specify fried or scrambled, so we would have to wait and see. Well, my perfect fried eggs over corned beef hash were great. Almost, no egg drama!

On Sunday we went out on the boat again had an early dinner with Brian and Gary, before they headed home. Monday we broke camp and drove diagonally southwest across Wisconsin to Nelson Dewey State Park.

Set up camp.

After pizza and a salad, we went to see sunset. Well it was a bit hazy.

But pretty, nonetheless. We are here for 3 nights before heading for Des Moines.

5 thoughts on “Bag Boil Breakfast, 44 mile Bike Ride and more River/Lake Fun

  1. I am very curious (I too, am super inquisitive!) about your “brown egg” issue. Care to elaborate? I eat both brown and white eggs and can’t tell a difference in taste!


    1. Not the shell, but how the eggs are cooked. So, I don’t want brown edges, nor granny ftills or hard yokes, I don’t even have to taste it, I can smell it and ny friend is particularly amused by all my egg drama.

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  2. How exciting, what fun you are having!! I can’t imagine those long bike rides, good for you guys❗Love your bag boiled breakfast😉
    Safe travels my friends.😊


  3. Are you going to try eggs in a paper bag? Which way after Iowa?

    On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 7:44 AM John and William- On the Road Again wrote:

    > jjoinerps posted: “My friend Brian is always looking out for my best > interest when comes to my “no brown egg issues”. So he assured me, the Bag > Boil Breakfast at the Marina was a perfect event for me. I wasn’t so sure. > The thought of soggy eggs in a wet paper sack did not ” >


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