Bikeride, Dinner with Patty and Phil and one last ride this morning

Friday morning, I wanted to take a bike ride using the Osage Prairie Trail from Skiatook to Tulsa, and then the Midland Valley and River Parks Trails back to Dad’s house. It had rained pretty hard the night before and I was concerned about standing water. But, I decided to give it a try. I did have a logistics issue. Bill did not want to ride, so I had to take the truck with the bike in the back, drive to Skiatook, leave the truck at the parking lot. After the 35 mile ride, we drove back up to Skiatook, to pick up the truck.

But, it was worth it. A very nice ride.

Trailhead in Central Park, Downtown Skiatook

The trail is 14.5 miles long, ending at the OSU -Tulsa Campus. Because it is a converted rail trail, the trail is elevated above the surrounding land, and is higher than the adjacent water levels.

You can see the various conditions. Some sunny open area others a forested canopy.

Near the end, you can see the downtown Tulsa Skyline.

After exiting the trail, I took low traffic streets for about a mile to the beginning of the Midland Valley trail, which would connect me to the River Parks Trail near The Gathering Place on Riverside Drive

This trail actually runs through the neighborhood I lived in, in the mid-sixties, so it was a little ride down memory lane. Once I got on the River Parks Trail, I headed down toward 121st Street, with a slight detour around the closed section near River Spirit Casino. They still are recovering from the floods. This was another 20 miles after leaving the Osage Prairie Trail.

Arkansas River still running high.

After arriving back, Dad, Bill and I drove to pickup the truck in Skiatook. Then we rested until it was time to meet Patty and Phil Hershberger for dinner.

Patty and I dated during high school. In recent years we have reconnected and the four of us enjoy meeting for dinner when we are in Tulsa. Last night during a surprise rain storm, we met at Maryns Taphouse in the Jenks Riverwalk. Patty chose this, because we would have the option of outside or inside seating. Well the rain took care of that.

But we had a fantastic time. Phil and I shared a dozen oysters on the half shell (yum) and we all sampled the Bacon Flight, bacon with four different coatings, black pepper, chocolate, hickory smoked and cinnamon crust. A bit decadent, but very tasty.

We had a great time. I was amused at Patty, she could not wait to ask, exactly how much luggage we had on the cruise. All four of us love to travel and we enjoy sharing experiences. Maybe sometime we can meet on one of our journeys.

Luckily the rain stopped and we took this outside picture.

Today was a travel day, but before departing, I got in a quick 12.5 mile ride in Bixby using the Fry Creek and Washington Irving Trails. It was a nice but quick ride.

I did have a mishap. My wallet fell off the bike. When I realized it was missing, I had no idea where it fell, so I cancelled my debit and credit cards. Just as we were leaving Dad’s, I received a call from the Cathedral City police advising that the police in Oklahoma were trying to contact me. They had my wallet. Well it was too late to stop the cancellation of of the cards, but at least, I got my Drivers License back.

On our drive to Iola, KS today, we stopped and had homemade ice cream and apple pie with my Cousin Jeanne Eck and her husband, Herschel and their children. Also my Aunt Silvia was able to join us. Nice seeing them and catching up.

We are in Iola for the night, heading to Camp Gaea tomorrow.

We are going dark. The lack of Wifi or cell service at Gaea will make posting difficult. So until next week.

One thought on “Bikeride, Dinner with Patty and Phil and one last ride this morning

  1. Hi Boys,

    We enjoy all your posts. Hope you don’t spend to much time in Cat City, posts will be limited. John Landstrom and spouse Michael will be here on the 24th for a few days. They want to know if you could adjust your schedule to be in Santa Fe while they visit S.Fe…They really would like to see you guys. A few more days on the road, whats so bad about that?

    Joe & Ed



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