Good Morning from Crawford, Texas

Our last full day in San Antonio was a day at Seaworld. Luckily, our RV resort was only a few miles from Seaworld, so we were able to ride the bikes there and back. Although we did have a Google Maps hitch. GM showed a short 2.5 mile ride from our camper trailer To Seaworld. Well, that would have been great, if we were employees, because the map app directed us to the employee parking area, with no access to the entry gate. After heading back out to the street and finding our way to the main gate, we clocked 4.19 miles.

Full disclosure: Bill loves amusement parks and their rides. I enjoy the sensations, but am always thinking about the consequences, if the car were to leave its track.

Our first ride was one that ended with me being soaking wet.

I did get in a selfie, before stowing the Iphone in anticipation of the moist end of the ride.

And this what the ride looks like at its end.

Well, we ended up riding all of the major rides. The last one was challenging because gravity pulled us off our seats and them slammed us back down. I was done with rides for the day. Bill went for one last ride.

After that, we had lunch, then went to two marine mammal shows. First up, Beluga whales and white sided dolphins.

A Beluga whale greeted a young girl from the audience

One of the dolphins showing off

We also dropped by the Turtle Reef.

Getting a shot without reflections from the glass was impossible.

The last show we watched was at the Orca Pavilion.

You can get really wet if you sit poolside. We opted for dry upper seats

We had a fun day, a nice mix of rides and Seaworld shows, and a short bike ride.

Photo op leaving the park

Thursday morning, we packed up and headed north. Our route would take us right through New Braunfels, TX. We decided to stop and have lunch. An internet search brought us to Krause’s Cafe and Beer Garden.

So when in a Beer Garden, what does one do? Order a Maß!

A Maß is a full liter. Luckily, Bill was driving.

Krause’s has been around for years and regularly has entertainment in the beer garden, but not at 11AM on a Thursday morning.

But, boy do they have bier!
Complete with the requisite long tables and benches of a German Beet Garden

After lunch, 2 3/4 hour drive brought us to The Homestead at 3218, Crawford, Texas, right next to George W Bush’s Prairie Chapel Ranch. I don’t really know what to say about that! We are here for 4 nights and then on to Oklahoma.

Home Sweet (Mobile) Home!

3 thoughts on “Good Morning from Crawford, Texas

  1. I love amusement parks too! Always have! But I find as I get older, the bumping and jostling around becomes painful to me and not so much fun! Haha!


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