San Antonio

After 3 driving days, we arrived into San Antonio on Memorial Day. Luckily the traffic wasn’t bad and there were no accidents or construction issues. Since we only stayed one night in each of our stopovers, my primary criteria was proximity to the interstate. Our first night was at Mission RV in El Paso.

Notice the tree covered spaces and the view of shipping containers

Clearly, not my best choice. Our second night was in Ft. Stockton, close to the freeway again, but we did have some trees and grass.

The challenge here, was we were so close to the freeway, that the noise bothered Mouse and his walks weren’t much fun for him or us.

In San Antonio, we are at an RV resort, with lots of space, grass and trees. It is very nice, with a large pool area.

Monday, after arriving, we spent a quiet afternoon. I went to the hot tub, while Bill stayed in and read.

Yesterday Morning, we went on a bike ride along the San Antonio River. There are five Missions in a relative short distance of 10 miles along the River. Two, Mission San Antonio de Valero (1718), known today as The Alamo and Mission San Jose (1720), about five miles down river. The other 3, Concepcion, San Juan and Espada, had been established in East Texas, near French Louisiana, and moved to San Antonio in 1731 to avoid harassment from French incursions along the border between French and Spanish controlled areas of North America.

We drove to the Southern most of these missions, Espada, parked and headed north along the river.

Amazingly, other than the Alamo, these missions are still active Parish churches and had regular services.

Arbol de Vida: Voces de Tierra statue , along the river, near Espada

The ride is a part of the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park, and is incorporated into The San Antonio River Walk.

We went to only three of the five missions. We hope to get to the Alamo on its own. And we had planned to go to San Juan on the return bike trip, but ran out of time.

and our final stop, at Mission San Jose

Of course, the Missions were not the only sights, along the river.

We had a fun time. Luckily the day was mostly to partly cloudy and it wasn’t too hot. We returned to Espada, and headed back to Blazing Star RV Resort. We met Andrea for dinner. She was my manager when I worked at the Renaissance Esmeralda in Indian Wells, back in 2005-06. She is Director of Human Resources at The JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country. We had lots to catch up and dinner took over three hours. Great fun.

Today, we are going to Seaworld, which is very close to our RV park.

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