A New Trip – Bill, John and Mouse- 6,000 Miles with the Travel Trailer

We departed this morning on our planned 6,000 mile trip through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado. We will be visiting friends and family along the way, staying in a mix of RV Parks and state and federal parks and forests.

Bill and Mouse just before departure at 6:45 AM

After a relatively short 5 hour drive, we arrived at Catalina State Park, Oro Valley, Arizona. We are staying 2 nights and plan to ride the Loop in Tucson tomorrow. Tucson has over 120 miles of traffic free bike baths along various rivers and washes. It is great riding and we are taking advantage of the expected mild temperatures to ride about half the route.

On the way here today, we stopped in Casa Grande to have lunch and take care of some business with Meg Whiteside, who owns the house that my Mother lived in before her death. It was nice seeing Meg, if only briefly.

Bill in the tent room, just after setting up.

Two views from our campsite

Mouse making sure all is in order in his tent room.

And make no mistake, it is his tent room. Well that is all for our first day. We will have a little dinner, maybe a glass of wine and call it a day.

I expect to have some fun pictures from the ride tomorrow. until then.

One thought on “A New Trip – Bill, John and Mouse- 6,000 Miles with the Travel Trailer

  1. I just absolutely love that mouse gets to go with you guys this trip. Mouse has no idea just how lucky he is. Enjoy your trip, see you when you get back.


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