Eastern Pacific Crossing & LA Arrival

We departed Hilo Monday afternoon and headed toward Los Angeles. Clearly we needed to sail a little faster than we had prior to our stops in Hawaii, because, we averaged 22 knots per hour, compared to around 18 on our trip north from Tahiti.

The seas were very calm and the skies mostly clear.

Very few whitecaps and clear skies

Of course, since I am always up early, I took a couple of sunrise pictures.

Wednesday Morning
Thursday Morning

This morning, we were all stop at 5:00 AM, right in front of San Pedro Harbor, waiting for the pilot boat.

San Pedro in the distance

After the pilot boarded, we headed in.

Entering the harbor

We passed the Royal Princess

And the USS Iowa, BB-61, now a museum ship

And finally to pier 93

We were off the ship by 8:30, in the rental car by 9 and on our way to Palm Springs. We arrived home just before 11 AM and took this picture with Mouse in the garden.

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig!

Just before leaving the ship this morning, I took a shot of the ship’s position, showing total distance traveled was 9,292 nautical miles, or 10,693 statute miles.

I will post a few pictures that the ship’s photographers took, once I can digitalize them.

After that I will keep this up for couple of weeks before we start our driving trip later this month.

2 thoughts on “Eastern Pacific Crossing & LA Arrival

  1. That was a lot of miles. Glad you are home, I know Mr.Mouse is too. Looking forward to seeing trips coming up.🌹💕


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