Party Under the Stars, Arrival Papeete and Scuba Dive

Last night the ship had a Polynesian themed party after dinner. Bill and I donned our sarongs and headed to the Lido Deck for some fun. The pictures look a little weird because of the lighting on deck.

Here we are, just arriving at the party.

We had a nice time dancing and then Bill really got going.

But, of course there was a pool. And Bill couldn’t resist.

Bill even got our friend, also named Bill, to tag along. And you can guess what happed.

And, of course, this was all caught by the ship videographer and will be on the cruise DVD. But, we don’t really have a DVD player to view it, but I suppose we will have to buy it.

After a nice sleep, one in which we needed the air conditioner for the first time. We sailed into Papeete, French Polynesia.

I got out on deck just in time to take this as we sailed past Moorea, where we will be tomorrow.

As we entered the harbor, there was a small pod of Dolphins playing in the bay.

And here we are approaching Papeete.

After breakfast, we went ashore to buy a SIM card and gets some French Polynesia Francs.

These dancers

and musicians greeted us as we disembarked.

Then it was off for our dive

I think he was suppose to welcome us to the dive shop, but, apparently, was asleep on the job.

There were only 7 divers on the trip, but since 3 were not certified divers, we went to a spot that was rather shallow, since uncertified divers can only go about 35 ft deep. We did have a friend with an under water camera take a picture of us. But, we don’t have the file yet. When we do, it will post it.

There were two wrecked boats and a plane to check out. Although, I was uncomfortable with how strong the current was on the return to the boat, we had n OK dive, but nothing spectacular.

After the dive, we headed back to the ship for lunch. We have a sunset cruise scheduled for this afternoon, but the weather may not cooperate. We will overnight in Papeete tonight and sail to Moorea, early tomorrow morning. We will have more later.

One thought on “Party Under the Stars, Arrival Papeete and Scuba Dive

  1. Well how fun was that….Bill you looked like you were really getting into those dance moves!!
    Keep having fun and posting all of it.šŸ˜˜šŸŒ¹šŸ’•


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