Sharing Centennial Park with Bill, the Rocks and Dining High above Sydney

I posted about my bike ride to Centennial Park. While riding through the beautiful park, I thought, ‘Bill should be here.’ So, as part of our planned ride to return our rental bikes, we detoured through Centennial to give Bill the chance to enjoy the park.

I knew Bill would want to see the roses. Even though it is late into the fall, there were still lots blooming.

We walked the bikes through the garden.

I am always amazed at his ability to recognize specific roses. I can say that is a yellow rose, etc., but Bill knows the names of most.

I am playing with captions and alignment. Bear with me.

And of course, Bill would enjoy this colorful Autumn tree.

Notice the woman in the background. I think she is doing a Vlog (video blog), although her stand was not stable and kept falling over.

After leaving the park, we biked towards The Rocks, to return our bikes. We stopped for lunch along the Bourke Street Cycleway. Our table was just a few feet from the Cycleway and, we could keep our eyes on the bikes.

When I was working on the planning for this trip, I read about Sydney’s cycle network and looked forward to riding. Well there are several city wide Cycleways to use, and lots of “share the road” on lesser traveled streets. But often, those end and drop you onto a busy thoroughfare with the choice of fighting traffic or illegally riding the footpath (sidewalk for my fellow Americans).

It made riding Sydney challenging, frustrating and exhilarating, all at the same ride. You just never knew when the beautiful Cycleway would end and drop you on to the A44 highway!

Anyway, the bikes are safely back at the rental shop. And that was our last ride in Sydney (and most likely for the remainder of this trip).

The bikeshop is in the Rocks, which is the oldest settlement in Australia, dating to 1788. The name refers to the sandstone buildings erected in the area, rather than any geological formations.

On the weekends, the Rocks come alive for the market, with countless booths, with food, artisan products and music.

Bill bought a fun shirt, from the artist/designer and we headed back to the flat for an afternoon rest before dinner.

We always enjoy revolving restaurants, even though, at times the novelty of the space outshines the quality of the food. Restaurant 360-Bar and Dining, high above Sydney at the Westfield Center Tower excels on both counts. The views are spectacular and the Chef creations were equally impressive. We both had 3 course prix fixe meals.

For entrees, Bill had miso glazed Wagyu Short Ribs and I, a ham hock terrine. Ham hocks, I guess you can’t totally get the country out of this city boy! For Mains, Bill selected Kurobuta Pork Loin Chop and I had my favorite cut of beef, Rib eye. Both were served with a Red Wine reduction sauce and pomme purée (mashed potatoes to us yanks). We selected a nice New Zealand Pino Noir. We finish with desserts, mine a fancy ice cream sandwich and Bill’s, an Apple/blackberry parfait. The food and service were great, and the night views spectacular!

The lighting and reflections in the glass did not make for great pictures, but fun none the less.

All in all, a very fun evening a thousand feet above Sydney!

On the way back to the flat, we passed the Queen Victoria Building and Sydney Town Hall. I thought both looked impressive at night. And snapped a couple.

This remains one of my favorite buildings in Sydney.

on our way home, we caught a glimpse of the tower. We were just dining at the top of this tower.

Until tomorrow!

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