Shopping, Afternoon Bike Ride and Rain

Thursday’s forecast was for a chance of rain the throughout the and rain likely into the evening and overnight. Bill and I decided to have our first breakfast out. We chose The Grounds in the City, a very popular restaurant near Town Hall.

When we first arrived, it appeared very busy, with a long line, but then noticed that was for take-away. Once we found the checkin station, we were seated immediately. Once I looked at the menu, I knew what Bill would have, steak and eggs. I had a few more choices, but finally settled on the Grounds Green Brekkie Bowl, which was a fantastic combination of white quinoa, avocado, Brussels sprouts, charred broccolini, grilled haloumi (which at first I thought was chicken), pine nuts, poached egg, and wide leaf parsley. I had it with a side of Australian style bacon. In addition to being beautiful and healthy, it tasted great.

After breakfast, we went shopping. First we visited The Queen Victoria Building, a Romanesque building, built as a Market Place in the late 19th century by Sydney Town. The building is only 98 ft x 620 ft. It has five floors above ground, plus a basement, filled with shops and dining.

It is a little difficult to get proper angle for a shot. but, you can see the narrowness of the Hall, this from the 1sr floor looking down to the ground floor.

I love this clock. The ship hanging from the rod between 3 and 4 is actually the second hand.

On our last trip to Sydney, we had High Tea in one of the Tea Houses in the building.

We bought a small gift for our house (and cat) sitter. Afterwards, we looked for a few for items, that we wanted for our cruise.

Finished with shopping, we headed back for the afternoon, to wait out the coming rain.

Well, the rain looked like it was holding off a bit, so I decided to get a little bike ride in before it started. Bill decided to take it easy at the flat.

Centennial is only a couple miles away and I managed to log 16 miles before the rain began.

I could see the rain in the distance.

I looked for a sign to identify these trees, but didn’t find one, after getting back, I did an internet search and the trees are Tibouchina, also known as Brazilian Spider Flower.

It is well into fall, but a few roses still blooming.

These guys were not the least bit intimidated by the speeding bikes.

The skies began to darken and I decided to head back. Soon the rains began and it rained most of the night. We stayed in and had the last of the leftover pasta.

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