Obelisk Beach, bike out and bike/ferry return

Wednesday was forecast to be the nicest weather day of our time here. We planned to go to one of the nice beaches on Sydney’s harbor waterfront and spend part of the day. You can reach the beach by bus, but we elected to ride our bikes.

When we got up, however, there was a dense fog. But the forecast remained nice, so we set out while it was still very foggy. The first part of the trip we had already biked on our Harbor Bridge Ride. The nice thing about this part, is that we can reach the bridge using parks and totally protected bikeways.

Here is a picture of the Kent Street Cycleway, in downtown Sydney. Sometime along Kent Street, we noticed the fog beginning to lift and by the time we crossed the bridge, the sun was out.

That part was easy, but once we got past the bridge, we were on surface streets. It wasn’t too bad in North Sydney, but when we reached Mossman, and Military Road it was like Chicago’s Magnificent Mile at Christmas. Sidewalks loaded with people, strollers, older people with walkers and the road packed with cars. The walkers reminded me of the scene in The Producers, when Nathan Lane’s character, Max Bialystock, is taking money from widows, all lined up using walkers.

Well, we eventually got past all that and the road narrowed and became far less busy. We stopped along Middlehead Rd. for a break and took these pictures

From there is was only a short ride down to the trail to the beach.

We spent 2 1/2 hours enjoying the sun, splashing in the slightly brisk waters. Given the nature of the beach picture taking is frowned upon, so I don’t have any to share.

After having the lunches we brought with us, we headed back, electing to ride the short distance to the Zoo Ferry Wharf and ride the ferry back to Circular Quay, from where we rode back to Redfern.

We met a couple of guys on the beach from Seattle. They have spent two months here and are heading home tomorrow. it was nice chatting with them.

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