Royal Botanical Garden, Opera House, crossing Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Amusement Park

The morning began partly cloudy, temperature in the low 60s and 20 percent chance of rain. We planned a route that used parks, bikeways and low volume streets to make our way toward the Harbour. Here is our route.

The first few miles were great, but then dark clouds began closing in and the rain started. At that point our 20% had become 100%. Luckily for us, we were near the Sydney Art museum and there is a cafe called the Pavilion right across the street. We ducked in and had coffee and split a waffle. The waffle was interesting to us, because it was deep fried, much like Funnel Cake. Not the healthiest, but really good with mixed berry jam, butter and maple syrup.

You can’t see it well, but this is where we enjoyed our stop to wait out the rain. Only 20 minutes or so and we were ready to go. And that was the only rain of the day!

We rode out to the end of Mrs Macquarie’s Point and took some nice photos of the Bridge and Opera. Mrs. Macquarie was the wife of the Governor of New South Wales in 1810 and apparently some convicts carved a chair for her in the sandstone on this point.

We then walked our bikes through the Royal Botanical Gardens to the Opera. No riding allowed, although the path was wide enough, we played by the rules.

After exchanging my bike for one slightly larger, we headed for the bridge and pedaled across.

As we approached the other bank, we noticed a small amusement park.

So we decided to visit it and we had lunch there.

Bill is always a young kid at these places!

After lunch we made our way back across the bridge. Notice that the bridge bike path ends on these steps. Up or down, you have to use the bike ramp and push.

On the return , we rode on the Kent Street Bikeway through downtown Sydney. There weren’t really any photo ops, so here are a couple more from earlier in the day.

In front of Archibald’s Fountain in Hyde Park. Archibald was a newspaper editor, who paid to have the fountain built in the late 1920s.

Bill in front of St. Mary’s Cathedral near Hyde Park.

We rode back to our flat in Redfern. I thought you might like to see our digs.

On Tuesday we are renting a car and driving to the Southern Highlands for some bike riding and later wine tasting. Stay Tuned!

2 thoughts on “Royal Botanical Garden, Opera House, crossing Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Amusement Park

  1. Great Pictures! Keep em coming. Your digs there look really nice. Loved the amusement park picture of William. He looked right at home.


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