Arrived Nadi, Fiji

Our 2:55 AM flight from Honolulu to Nadi, Fiji did not depart until almost 4:30. The good news is that Fiji Airways contacted us in the evening and we were able to adjust our schedule. Once we boarded the service provided was great. The staff all had smiles, actively worked to ensure we enjoyed the experience. As we landed in Fiji, it was cloudy and raining.

This was our plane, a 737-800. Luckily is was not one of the grounded 737-MAX.

A few pictures on approach into Nadi. You can see the cloud cover and rain. During the flight, the purser had inquired about our trip. I explained it was to celebrate 30 years together. When we were deplaning, the cabin flight attendants handed us this card.

We thought that a nice gesture which was indicative of the level of service we had received.

We are now resting in our Ocean Front Room and looking forward to exploring the Resort later today. Here are a couple room pictures.

And the view from our room.

We have couple of scuba dives planned and we will take in an interesting bike trip later in the week. More about that later.

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