Our last full day on Oahu – North Coast Bike Trail and Polo Beach

While biking on the North Coast has some challenges, there is one stretch that has a separated bike path for about 4 miles from Waimea Bay to Sunset Beach. Bill and I rented Cruisers for a few hours and rode the North Shore Bike Trail round trip, logging just over 8 miles.

The bikes, with their wide tires, soft suspension and big swooping handlebars, reminded me of driving late 50s vintage cars.

We thought the basket would be convenient, but it bounced so much we took our cellphones out, worried they might break. I guess if we had a jacket or sweater to put in and soften the load, it would have been better.

The Trail is right along the beach.

Or covered by a thick canopy.

This is the curved bridge as we entered Waimea Beach Park.

We had lunch at North Shore Tacos, a food truck in Pūpūkea. A word about the food trucks: With the high cost of dining out in Hawaii, food trucks are an alternative to in restaurant dining. They are regulated just like restaurants. They have to meet all food safety requirements and must post their inspection rating placard. Because of lower overhead they can provide good food at lower prices than traditional restaurants. Usually the dining area is a few picnic tables under a tent canopy. If you search restaurants in Pūpūkea, almost all are food trucks. After lunch, we headed to Polo Beach for a few hours.

The surf at Polo Beach was coming in at a rapid pace. Although, by North Shore standards, they were not particularly high, the strong wind was moving it right along.

I particularly liked this driftwood that washed onto the beach.

We check out of our Airbnb guest house this morning and drive to Honolulu. We have a room at the Best Western Plaza Hotel, near the airport, but only need it until about midnight, because our flight to Nadi, Fiji departs at 2:55 AM. With a two hour time change and flying over the International Date Line, we arrive into Nadi at 7:45 AM, Monday. With the date change, Fiji is 19 hours later than the west coast.

My next post will probably be late Sunday night, US time.

One thought on “Our last full day on Oahu – North Coast Bike Trail and Polo Beach

  1. Sure am enjoying your journey blog. It feels like I am riding along on the next bike. Travel safe.
    Terry and Sherry


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