Travel Day – Short flight to Oahu

So this is the story of how , a short 25 minute flight can dominate a whole day. We got up early and after breakfast started the routine of leaving the condo for a few months. Things had to be packed away in the owner’s closet, the car had to be covered. We had already packed away the bikes. So about 10 AM off we go to the airport, so that we could be there 2 hours early.

With two hours to kill and knowing, even in first class, there wouldn’t be any food on the short flight, we had an early lunch. We were in first for purely economic reasons. The first class ticket was $30 more than coach. But with a 1st ticket we had 2 free checked bags. In coach, both bags would have been $50. You do the math. It’s a good thing though, because the service was, well, that’s just it. There wasn’t any. At least the seats reclined.

After, the flight, we picked up the rental car and headed for the north shore. By the time we arrived, it was 3:30, 5 1/2 hours since we left our condo for the 25 minute flight. Our guest house is up on a hill. Without the trees, I am sure there is a magnificent view of the coast, but as it is we are surrounded by lush trees and bushes.

We were greeted by Sage, the official welcome cat.

After settling in, we took a nice long nap and then went to dinner at The Beach House restaurant in Haleiwa,

Today, we hope to get in a hike and I am trying to find a way to rent a bike for the day. There are not many good bike options here and that may be a bust. But, with any luck, today will be far more exciting than yesterday,

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