St Patrick’s Day – Bike, Beach and Corned Beef and Cabbage

St Patrick’s Day was beautiful, Mid 80’s, clear, light breeze. Bill decided to drive to the beach early. I rode the the beach, but before getting off the bike, I rode to the end of Makena Road, to La Perouse Bay, named after the first European to land on Maui.

La Perouse Bay is a part of the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve. To get there, I rode by Kanehena Cove. You can see Big Beach in the background.

And across the lava flow from the last Haleakala eruption in about 1790. Although, there is some dispute about the date.

On my way to Little Beach. I took this picture of Big Beach from the top of the outcropping that separates the two.

After enjoying the afternoon at the beach, Bill and I stopped by McGillicuddys, for Corned Beef and Cabbage to celebrate St. paddy’s Day. All in all, a fun day,

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