Biking, Shopping and the beach

Bill and I started the day by biking to breakfast. We went to the split personality restaurant McGillicuddys, but is actually downstairs in the space that during the rest of the day for Fred’s, a Mexican restaurant. After some over cooked egg drama, we had a decent breakfast. But the authenticity of the Mexican aspect of the restaurant is in question. What is wrong with this picture?

After breakfast we went into Kahului to replenish condo supplies, buy a new coffee maker and replace broken glasses.

Then after a nice nap, we went to the beach for sunset, arriving around 4 PM, we were treated to at least 45 minutes of whales frolicking off the coast. Several different pods were playing near the surface.

Here are several of the beach pictures .

View from our shady spot under the trees.

One other thing, I did today is put the finishing touches on a bike trip this September. Bill and I are going to bike the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Towpath Trails from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC. This is on my bucket list, and we are going to do it. It is only 335 miles, in 10 Days! want to join us?

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